Board of Management


Role Of Board of Management (BOM)
⦁    To supervise the policies relating to curriculum and instruction and how they are implemented.
⦁    To monitor the curriculum implementation to ensure that the whole process is in accordance with the laid down policies.
⦁    To source and manage school resources
⦁    To always ratify the budget
⦁    To control the school finances
⦁    To ensure that auditing has been done
⦁    To plan and develop physical facilities
⦁    To supervise all the school project’s
⦁    To procure the teaching materials
⦁    To dispose the teaching materials/asset’s
⦁    To recruit the teaching staff
⦁    To conduct the selection process of the staff.
⦁    To discipline the teaching and the non-teaching staff.
⦁    To appoint the staff
⦁    To regulate the admission of students subject to the policy laid down by the Ministry of Education.
⦁    To discipline the students
⦁    To foster good school community relations.

Objectives of our school

OBJECTIVES OF THE SCHOOLKiungururia Mixed Secondary School has the following mandates:- a)    To provide quality teaching and …

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